Taking a short pause to look ahead

These have been an amazing two years! A lot awaits for us ahead in our journey but sometimes you need to stop, take a deep breath and rethink plan ahead.

This is not an end-of-life message. Instead, I have a bold plan consisting of the following points:

  • Now I really new to update my math skills in English. I want to go through this book: Weltner K. – Mathematics for Physicists and Engineers – 2010
  • Additionally, I’ll need LaTeX
  • I will move this blog to lattematica.com (under construction)
  • And will select blog engine which renders TeX equations properly

See you soon on my new journey!

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We are back!

Hello everyone, I’ve had a tough month – diploma defense.

Actually, now I’m in possession of three diploma works in both LaTeX and XeTeX, a lot of experience, my first github pull request on one small but valuable LaTeX project and I’m willing to share all that experience with you!

Stay tuned!

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Installing LaTex on a Linux machine

http://berezovskiy.org.ua/2012/01/latex-with-eskdx-in-ubuntu/ has steps you need to follow to get an installation, capable of generating fully compliant eskdx documentation with vector cyrillic fonts. Stay tuned!

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Russian formula LaTeX tutorial


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Mathematica list/array count and other math commands

First of all, all mathematica enumeratables are called lists, never call them arrays again. Next, there are quite a few interesting operations, available to be used with lists.

Length[t] returns number of items in a given list.

Table[t0*Ceiling[t[[i]]/t0], {i, 1, Length[t]}] generates a list of Length[t] elements each adhere to a rule stated by an argument in a first position.

Tally[upStream] counts how many occurrences of each element are found in a list and then produces a list of lists of two parameters: element and it’s count.
{24, 24, 72, 120, 216, 312, 432, 576, 768, 984} turns to
{{24, 2}, {72, 1}, {120, 1}, {216, 1}, {312, 1}, {432, 1}, {576, 1}, {768, 1}, {984, 1}}

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The Comprehensive LATEX and Symbol List

Here i found quite interesting symbol table and decided to share it with you:

The Comprehensive LATEX Symbol List

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Hello latteworld!

Welcome to LatteMatica! That’s a blog about all the problems & trics discovered while using LaTeX and Mathematica and drinking latte 😉

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